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Wide Range of Power Outputs with Certifications.NESL has one of the deepest product lines in the industry with both mono- and poly-crystalline solar modules from 5W to 300W. We offer a broad line of modules specifically designed for the utility-scale, commercial, and residential markets in 60 and 72 cell configurations. Our certifications include TUV, CE, UL, MCS, ISO, ROHS, and CQC.

High Module Efficiency.NESL modules are high-value modules delivering above-average efficiencies at a competitive price.This means that, whether your project is a large solar farm or small home, you’re insured the fastest payback and highest return on investment!5% Higher Warranty on Power Output.Most suppliers in the industry guarantee outputs of 90% over 10 years and 80% over 25 years. NESL guarantees 5 years on workmanship and material, 90% over 12 years, and 80% over 25 years.

Better Performance under Weak Light Conditions.Field tests show that NESL’s produce well in low-light conditions resulting in up to a 2.5% higher energy yield.This means your NESL modules are working harder for you during the early morning hours, late afternoons, and even in cloudy conditions.Power Optimized Current Sorting
The performance of the entire chain is always determined by the weakest link. Our module sorting by current class ensures that each component within a solar installation can achieve maximum output. This results in faster installation times and up to 2% higher installed system power with the same power class.

Financial Support is Offered.NESL will customize our terms, including financing, to meet your business’s needs. This helps you to maximize your cash flow without impacting your projects.Quality Insurance NESL modules include third party performance insurance providing our customers with the highest security in protecting their investment.

Our History
In 2006, we completed the construction of our production lines and began production operation. In 2007, we passed the ISO9001, CE, ROHS certificates successfully, and our revenues surpassed 50 million RMB.
In 2008, our company obtained the TUV and UL production certifications and completed three products (light-transmitting component, LED lawn lamp and LED lighting) patent applications around the same time. Our company was rated as a high-tech enterprise and our light-transmitting component were also been rated as a high-tech product in Jiangsu province. During this period our annual revenue reached 300 million RMB.
In 2009 our company expanded its production capacity to 100MW. We established two branch offices in America and Germany respectively.  We also set a marketing target of 1 billion RMB.
In 2010, our company passed the certification of factory inspection by the UK MCS and earned the solar products quality certification by the same organization. With that, our company entered the UK market.