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NESL can now provide you with the solutions when you encounter the emergency while travelling outdoor finding that the car cannot be started. The solution is just the Foldable Solar Power Box. It provides power for your car battery, RV battery and other 12V batteries.
Performance Parameter
Solar Panel: 80W-100W (STC 100mW/cm2)
Rated Voltage: 18V
Size: 625*715*135mm
Weight: 10.5kg (different power with different size and weight)
(Above configurations are designed according to customer's requirements.)

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1. Big power; foldable and delicate handle design makes it easy to carry.

2. Built-in controller can protect battery from over-charge and over-discharge, and maintain load's operation.

3. The angle of foldable feet can be adjusted according to the sun position and higher efficiency can be acquired.

4. Soft rubber corners protect the product from colliding and scratching.

5. Multi-controlling modes for choosing, simple human-interface is easy to operate.

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