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Production Description

SUNHOUSE Series modules for Greenhouse, building-integrated, high-tech photovoltaic systems. High yielding and durable photovoltaic modules that accord with the highest quality demands-designed by NESL SOLARTECH with the product expertise use transparent TPT, low iron tempered glass with solar cells laminated in between. SUNHOUSE Series modules offer extraordinary design possibilities for building-integrated applications. SUNHOUSE Series modules make the dream of using building material to generate electrical power a reality.

Key Features

• Electric Current Classification

• Excellent weak light performance

• Low Iron tempered glass in front field.

• Branded TPT back sheet extended the lifespan

• Fully integrated directly in the greenhouse mullions.

• Versions with transparent modules.

• Glass panes in existing greenhouses can be easily replaced with the modules

• Module junction box, cable and plugs only from certified and reputable manufacturers

• Consistent and reproducible quality thanks to highly professional and experienced production

• 54PCS mono crystalline solar cells with a textured surface. Each 156*156mm

• Easy Installation and easy replace the greenhouse glass panes.


• High quality product warranty for 25 years

• 10 years limited warranty on material and workmanship

• Limited warranty for 90% performance assurance on 12 years, 80% performance assurance on 25 years



Mono-Crystalline 156mm x 156mm

No. of cells and connection

54 in series ( 6 x 9)

3.2mm Low-iron Tempered Glass+EVA&Cell+EVA+TPT




1650x997 mm

Module area


Electrical Characteristics

STC: Irradiance 1000W/m², module temperature 25, AM 1.5


Peak power (+/-3%)200W/205W/210W/215W/220W/225W/230W

Open circuit voltage33.4V/33.5V/33.7V/33.9V/34.1V/34.3V/34.5V

Maximum power voltage26.7V/26.8V/27.0V/27.1V/27.3V/27.4V/27.4V

Short circuit current8.05A/8.15A/8.26A/8.45A/8.56A/8.63A/8.73A

Rated current7.49A/7.65A/7.78A7.93A/8.06A/8.21A/8.39A



Voltage standoff

AC 2000 DC 3000V

Physical Characteristics

Operating temperature

-40to 90

Max. static load, front (e.g., snow andwind)


Max. static load, back (e.g., wind)


Hall Impact Test

225g steel ball drops from height of 1m

Temperature Coefficients

Specifications included in this datasheet are subject to change without prior notice.


48± 2

Temperature Coefficient of ISC


Temperature Coefficient of VOC


Temperature Coefficient of Pm


Power output tolerance


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