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Solar Charger for Digital Products A

Product Specification
1. Weight: 200g
2. Size: 216*140*15mm
3. Solar Panel: 3.5W (STC:25℃,1000w/㎡,AM1.5)
4. USB output: USB 5V/700mA (in strong light)

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Solar Charger for Digital Products features:

1,Suit for emergency situations

When your equipment is out of power, the Solar Digital Charger can help you quikly.

2, Easy to use

No matter when and where, Solar Digital Charger can be very convenient to give you the cell phone battery (battery can be replaced, stores can general).

3, High efficiency charge

Give your cell phone battery 60 minutes, can have 100-180 minutes of talk time or 24 hours standby time.

4, Safe use

Charged with the overcharge protection, prolong your cell phone battery life, the use of safe.


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