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Think About Using Solar Energy

With the development of science and technology, more and more high-tech products have been produced. In this case, our society and our life are becoming easier. Today, I would like to talk something about the solar panel.
As we all know, people use petrol to drive all kinds of vehicles for transportation. However, the oil is not inexhaustible. If we want to save more natural resources for the next generation, we just need to search for other useful energy resources. At the same time, the powerful solar energy shows its power to human beings, so they begin to take advantage of it.
Planes are one of the most useful means of conveyance nowadays. They also need to use petrol. When they are short of energy, they cannot work normally. In order to save the valuable oil resource, we should think about the solar panel now.
It is widely known that the solar panel production is rather abundant. In this case, the power made of it will be rather considerable. Though planes are a big oil consuming vehicle, the solar panel can surely appeal to the needs of them because it is endless.
On the 49th Paris Air Show, the first plane which uses solar panel is shown to people. It can fly both in the day and in the evening without any drop of petrol. In this case, it draws more attention easily. The power is supported by the solar panels and a series of cells. At night, it can also fly with the support of the stored solar energy.
In my point of view, this is really a very useful and good idea. Since oil is the nonrenewable resource, we should not be so selfish and use it up. We need to save them for the next generations. At the same time, we should not waste the solar energy since it is so useful.
What is more, vehicles can give out tail gas which can do harm to the environment. At the same time, the carbon dioxide emission will cause the global warming. In this case, it is rather very important for us to turn to solar energy for help. With the help of solar energy, more and more vehicles can get rid of petrol and tail gas. We can also save our environment.
In a word, when the day comes, we will really enjoy the convenience brought by the solar energy.