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High-Tech Solar Plane with Promising Future

What would solar panel plane be inside your imagination? Within the aero industry, when the giant plane corporations meet wonderful number of orders, far more men and women might be attracted by new plane concepts such as solar power plane. Generally, such solar planes just illustrate the green, environmental protective and low power waste notion of plane business.


Recently, solar panel production has created great progress to attain premium energy conservation and technical efficiency. The newest type of solar plane with success flew for 24 hours last year. It will be marked in human flying history and take a fantastic step for the growth and development of non-pollution fly. The new design of plane is covered by solar panel on the top.


Practically 11628 pieces of solar batteries are using the total weight of 400kg. Two spiral fans are with impulsion engines with all the power by 10 horsepower. It could make certain the top speed by 80 miles per hour. Customers wouldn''''t be concerned about the heavy plane weight at all. The cause is the fact that, the plane body applies super-thin carbon fiber material. Therefore, the light weight would maintain sensitive to wind direction. When the wind blow or the plane meets hot stream, the turbulence will be apparent. The carbon fiber material could endure high temperature for the plane to climb as much as the height of 8 kilometers. In that case, the solar panel on plane surface can obtain excellent sum of sunlight to transform into electricity. In the night, flyer would drop down the flying height and speed to save battery energy.


These days, the solar plane is below technical amendment for the global flying in 2014. Visitors can meet the ideal of such solar plane at 2011 plane fair in Paris. It really is with eye-catching motto of “100% electric driving with 0% carbon exhaust”. It might be listed as the smallest plane within the globe. The plane wings are on condition that 4.9m. The total weight is only 14kg. With one-time battery charging, the plane can fly for thirty minutes with all the speed of 120 miles each hour.


Partial new planes with solar panel also apply mixed motor power. That is to say, the solar panel battery with fuel energy can reduce fuel waste and carbon release by 25%. The noise pollution can be also reduced when taking off. So far, the driving cabinet is only for 1 passenger. But we can expect that solar plane will gradually become the new-energy driving tool inside the future.