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Solar Powered Plane the Future Direction for the Aviation Market

In the very first decade from the new century, the globe is embracing solar power with arms wide open. Just take a glimpse of the gadgets powered by solar batteries in our life: tablet computer, flashlight, water heater, cellphone charger as well as automobile. It can be a pretty extended list for the application of solar power in day-to-day life. However the solar powered plane might still come as a surprise to you. But truly, it isn''''t a brand new idea at all. As early as inside the 1980s, individuals had tried to make the first solar powered plane nevertheless failed.


Nevertheless, over twenty yrs subsequently, the concept was lastly materialized by a Swiss organization which displayed the very first ever mature solar powered plane in the 49th Paris Aviation Show. Like the ordinary planes fueled by oil, this solar powered plane could complete a non-stop flight from day to night. The crucial of its results lies in the effectiveness of the photoelectric conversion and energy storage efficiency from the photovoltaic cells. The wingspread of the solar powered plane features a length measuring 61 meters, even longer than that of an Airbus A340. And every single in the wingspreads is made of photovoltaic cell solar panel whose size reaches 200 square meters. It can be possibly the largest solar panel production so far on the planet. It can be developed in this way in order to make the cell panel absorb and store sufficient solar energy within the daytime to be transformed into electricity for the nighttime flight.


Now, the weight carrying capacity of this solar powered plane is still limited. In addition to the weight of the plane itself, the solar panel could offer adequate drive for merely one pilot in it. It indicates it nevertheless requires time for its application in commercial aviation enterprise. Nonetheless, it does give a viable direction for the aviation market throughout the planet. As we all know, several airline enterprises have suffered heavy blow in the 2008 economic crisis and bankrupted as fuel price keeps rising although the traveler is declining abruptly. So just take into account: when the airline corporations could trim the cost of fuel by developing such planes powered by solar power which is entirely free of charge and without having pollution, won''''t that be good for both themselves as well as the air travelers? This remedy not only improves the monetary condition in the airline operators, but in addition reduces pollution brought on by oil consumption.


As a result, solar powered plane is a worthwhile undertaking for the aviation industry to commit to. So extended as we make breakthrough inside the power storage technologies, we''''ll surely have the ability to take flight inside the solar powered plane in the future.