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The Value of Solar Powered Plane

From the first solar powered plane Sunrise I in 1974 to Sun Impulse, the greatest solar powered aircraft on the planet presently, the solar powered plane has come a long way with a excellent progress. Here is an write-up to introduce the solar powered plane.


The solar powered plane can be a plane powered by solar radiation. The energy plant consists of solar panel, direct-current motor, reducer, airscrew, controlling device and so on. The emergence of solar plane comes from a perception of an unmanned aircraft that can use and store the energy from the solar energy by day and fly with all the energy stored in the storage battery at night. Based on the inexhaustible power from the sun, the plane is capable to possess a sustained flight. Subsequently this benefit lays the foundation for the operating principle of solar powered plane.


To begin with, by virtue of the low density of solar radiation, the wing is designed with greater region for the solar panel to suck up a lot more solar power. To obtain a lot more solar power, the mono-crystalline silicon of solar panel production with a conversion efficiency ranging from 15% to 20% is vastly employed inside the solar energy technique. The job of solar panel will be to suck up the solar power and convert it into mechanical energy. Next, the direct-current brushless motors get commonly used in the propulsion technique from the solar powered plane to assure the normal working on account of high efficiency and handful of moving components. Along with other elements including reducer, propeller and controlling device are equipped to make the plane fly far better.


<span>Now a lot more countries concentrate their interest on the growth and development of solar technology. The solar energy as a new type of energy is featured by inexhaustibility, environmental protection. As we know it, the oil consumption and expense of ordinary plane is a lot more high-priced than other transport facility and a lot of countries are searching for other resource to replace the original energy like the oil resource which has a restricted range. If the plane is powered by the power from sun radiation, it can reduce the price of transportation from the plane.


Moreover, the solar power does not bring any pollution for the atmosphere and is able to become regarded as &ldquo;Zero Emission&rdquo;. Based on the research, the average solar power we receive is 170 million kilowatts, which is thousands time more than that consumed by the world today. Consequently the inexhaustible power from the sun, it also can solve the problem of high energy consumption.


In a word, the solar powered plane meets the demand for environmental protection. In particular, the solar powered plane is utilised for high attitude and long endurance. In civil scope, it can be applied in atmospheric research, weather forecast, environmental monitoring, traffic control and so on. Militarily, it also can be used in border patrol, investigation, communication, electronic countermeasure and so forth.